On the First of December 1997, founder Michel Bernard, M.URB. (1959-2008) opened Galerie Bernard, on Laurier Street. From then on, the Gallery was oriented to put forward renowned artists, some of them, granted with museum recognition, such as: Gilles Boisvert, Charles Daudelin, Fernand Toupin, Yves Trudeau, Claude Vermette. Since, the artistic direction works on possible affiliations between these acknowledged artists and the new generation of artists evolving through diversified expressions, for instance: painting, sculpture (bronze, ceramic), engraving as well as photography. In 2003, the Gallery moved to 3926 Saint-Denis Street, a prime location where it is still situated. This new environment permits to accommodate individual temporary exhibitions (Ground Floor), offer a permanent podium   (First Floor) for the artists represented by the Gallery and their artworks, as well as a private salon exclusive to Art Collectors

The team is highly dedicated to promote the artists, to private and public Art Collectors, and works in order to enhance their visibility; also, they participate to various activities, such as the annual exhibition PAPIER, sponsored by AGAC (Contemporary Art Galleries Association) of which Galerie Bernard is a Member.


Galerie Bernard’s mandate is to exclusively promote famous artists, as well as emerging ones, by offering them a targeted visibility through various temporary exhibitions and, simultaneously, permanent ones.

Galerie Bernard’s status is one of Private and Commercial; its intention is to produce five (5) exclusive solo exhibitions and one (1) group exhibition, per year. The Gallery represents Thirty (30) artists, who beneficiate from a permanent display in Gallery. The convivial space, surrounded with aged brick walls, offers visitors a most intimate approach towards the artworks we are pleased to present.


Wednesday 11 AM to 6 PM | Thursday & Friday 11 AM to 6 PM | Saturday 12 PM to 5 PM