Dear visitors, friends, and collectors,

It is with a heavy heart that we are announcing the definitive closure of our beloved gallery on September 30th, 2023.

After many years of passion, discovery and sharing, the heartbreaking decision was taken to cease all the gallery’s activities, confronted to many economic, social, cultural and elitist factors disadvantageous to the long-term continuation of contemporary art galleries. After 25 years, this beautiful and great adventure that was the Galerie Bernard is now ending.

Since 1998, the gallery had the honor of welcoming more than 70 talented artists, modern to contemporary, and to showcase their exceptional artworks in the context of more than 200 exhibitions.

We wish to share our endless thanks to all the artists and agents/family estate caretakers that made the Galerie Bernard a place full of magic, feelings and beauty. Your creativity, artistic vision and implication in the arts as emerging, professional or renown artists has enriched our lives and made this gallery a privileged place where art was able to flourish in a warm and friendly space, thanks to its exceptional owner. We could never thank you enough for the beautiful, enriching encounters, meetings and discussions together, as well as for all the love that you have given to our devoted team and the gallery, our dear beautiful, exceptional and talented artists.

We deeply salute our loyal visitors and clients. The ones that have walked through our door many times, and those who only just discovered and appreciated us recently at our last participation in the Plural art fair at the Grand Quai du vieux port de Montréal in April 2023.

We also wish to give our immense gratitude to those who have unwaveringly supported us at work, these last 11 years, to make the gallery a welcoming, inspiring and professional place, in order to elevate Galerie Bernard’s name and expertise to the rank of the galleries that have left a lasting impact in our collective minds.

Please note that during the month of July, we will not be presenting any exhibitions, and we won’t be present in the gallery. From August 2nd to September 30th, on our regular hours – Wednesdays to Saturdays, artworks from the secondary market that were presented for the exhibition COLLECTION GALERIE BERNARD in March 2023 will be available for a closing sale:

CLIQUEZ ICI (125 downloads) pour télécharger le dépliant visuel de l’exposition «LISTE DES PRIX DES OEUVRES DU MARCHÉ SECONDAIRE – COLLECTION GALERIE BERNARD»

The team of the Galerie Bernard