Lali Torma is an artist who works mainly with ink and paper. Influenced by the work of the North American abstract expressionists (Pollock, Riopelle), she creates colored and aerial forms with delicate, repetitive, and elongated strokes. She pulls inspiration from patterns and movements of nature, such as the agitation of water and the forest foliage, to translate an aspect of the sublime that surrounds her. Lali Torma developed a meditative method in her creation that allows her to find an equilibrium, a connection with her subconscious. She authorizes herself the complete freedom of transcribing what she feels through the movement of the line and the variations of light in her environment. This way, each of her monochromatic artworks express a state of mind thanks to the expressive qualities of a particular colour. The artist lets herself be swayed by the vibration of her linework without a specific idea of the final form of the drawing: “I work with a fountain pen with broad nib that, after thousands of lines, becomes an extension of my body.” L. Torma

Lali Torma was born in Romania in 1975. In 1994, she leaves Romania as a political refugee to live abroad, and she now lives and works in Montreal and Berlin. In 2009, she completes her MBA at McGill University (Montreal, Canada) and then works in finance from 2000 to 2014, in Montreal and Paris. Her life takes a new turn in 2010, when she decides to make a career out of her art, at the occasion of a move to Paris. There, she makes a European tour in which she dedicates herself entirely to her art career, which first began back in 2003. From 2014 to 2020, her work gets presented in many collective and solo exhibitions in Germany, France and the United Kingdom, notably at the Kunstpunkt in collaboration with the Netzwerk freier Projekträume und-initiativen, at the Weartberlin Gallery, and at the ECC Weißensee (Berlin, Germany), as well as the Galerie Feral (Bordeaux, France). Her artworks were also exhibited at the contemporary art fairs of Hamburg (2019 and 2022), the Köln Liste (2017) and Berliner Liste (2015). Torma comes back to live in Montreal in 2021, to pursue her artistic endeavours. Her artworks are now part of many private collections, as well as the collection of the Art and Design Foundation (Zaragoza, Spain) and the Museum Editions – Fine Art Gallery and Consultancy (New York, United States).

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