Communiqué : MARGIT HIDEG For immediate release


From February 12 to March 21, 2015

Opening : Wednesday February 11, from 5 to 8 p.m.

Galerie Bernard presents, from February 12 to March 21, 2015, the exhibition Continuum by artist Margit Hideg, originally from Transylvania, Romania.

Continuum refers to the artist’s continuing reflection on the meaning of life and to express her unique and spiritual relationship with nature. The exhibition includes paintings from her Voyage series, as well as works with digital images from her Passage series.

Margit Hideg lives near Gatineau Park and trees become a recurrent symbolic theme in her work. Trees are represented at the frontier of figurative and abstract; they embody the deep-rooted energy of the earth. The artist invites us to enter in resonance with this energy and consequently overcomes the fragmentation that leaves us feeling isolated and alienated. Another recurrent symbol is the portal or gate. For Hideg, it evokes a passage toward the unknown, a transition between the past and the future, the ancient and the new, marking, as in a ritual, the process of healing and renewal. Human form and landscape, intimate and exterior space, dream and memory are persistent dualities in her work.

The use of digital images allows the artist to play with superposed layers and transparency and to create the dreamlike atmosphere which characterizes her work. In her last series, she introduces a diaphanous human figure, perhaps a self-portrait, placed next to formal architectural gates, like thresholds opening into an unknown world. This last series establishes an interesting dialogue with her previous paintings, inviting the spectator to question the relationship (and perhaps evoking forgotten elements of that relationship) with the exterior world. The effect is to focus us on the essential. Margit Hideg’s work is an act of construction and self-discovery, of transformation and transmission.

Source: Claire Boulé

Originally from Transylvania, in Romania, Margit Hideg holds a BFA (HON) from the University of Fine Arts of
Cluj-Napoca, as well as a teaching certificate. In 1989 she immigrated to Canada and, soon after, continued her training in graphic arts at the Centre of Creative Studies of Detroit (USA). In 2001, the artist was chosen for a six month residency at the New Media Lab of the Canadian Film Centre in Toronto. Her interactive installation Shoe Vox was acclaimed by the media arts community.  International artist, Margit Hideg has exhibited her works in Europe, the United States and Canada.  She has also directed several projects as a teacher at Heritage College, in Gatineau. Her project, “The Artists Book NOW”, was awarded with the best Culture and Education project prize at the annual Gala des Culturiades 2014.  She also collaborated to InSitu, an itinerant exhibition between Gatineau (2013) and Hamilton (2014). Margit Hideg lives and works in Cantley, Québec, in the Outaouais Region.