Gilles Boisvert: Tableau jaune, 1963, acrylic on canvas, 132 x 183 cm

We are thrilled to announce the recent acquisition of a major artwork from our artist Gilles Boisvert, by the Musée National des Beaux-Arts du Québec (MNBAQ). This painting, titled “Tableau jaune”, 1963, is now part of their permanent collection. Congratulations!

The Galerie Bernard is thrilled to participate at the Papier Art Fair 2022, at the Grand Quai du Port of Montreal, from August 26th to 28th!
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Art Fair schedule
Thursday, August 25th: VIP opening and benefit evening
Friday, August 26th: 12pm to 9pm
Saturday, August 27th: 11am to 7pm
Sunday, August 28th: 11am to 6pm

Grand Quai, 200, de la Commune West street
Montreal, H2Y 4B2
By metro: Place-D’Armes or Square-Victoria-OACI

Our participating artists:
Carole Baillargeon
Gilles Boisvert
Charles Daudelin
Montserrat Duran Muntadas
Lise Gagné
Florence Giroux Gravel
André Jasmin
Charlie Lescault
Fanny Mesnard
Steven Orner
Gilles Tarabiscuité
Fernand Toupin
Claude Vermette

We salute our catalan artist Montserrat Duran Muntadas for her first bilingual monograph: “Montserrat Duran Muntadas, ENGENDRER L’IMPALPABLE“. In this book, the author Pascale Beaudet retraces the artist’s journey and artistic practice since 2009.

We are very happy for this young, beautiful and talented sculptor and glass blower, who creates impressive glass and textile artworks whose themes encompass important and complex themes, such as femininity, fertility and nature.

Gilles Boisvert was and continues to be a significant visual artist of our history in Quebec for more than 60 years. We wish to underline his obtainment of a new architecture integration (1%) project, at the reception hall of the Metropolitan Parc of the Domaine Seigneurial de Mascouche, the 20th since the beginning of his career.

Bravo to this great artist for this ambitious project, that will be constructed in May 2022!

We wish to congratulate the great Czech ceramist Eva Lapka for the recent acquisition of one of her artworks from the “CHUCHOTEMENT” series, by the Musée des métiers d’arts du Québec (MUMAQ), in 2021.

Bravo to Lapka for all her beautiful, atypical, provocative and intimate artworks, full of history, that she offers to the world since more than 50 years!

“The “CHUCHOTEMENT” series are made of heads hidden behind murmuring hands. You have to understand that I lived my childhood and adolescence years in the Czechoslovakia communist era. The walls had ears and silence was mandatory, under penalty of denunciation.” Eva Lapka

We would like to congratulate our artist Carole Baillargeon for her creative research residency at the Maison des métiers d’art de Québec (MMAQ), from January 31st to April 1st 2022.

Baillargeon will refine her research on natural dyes extracted from local plants and exotic materials. She will pursue the creation of artworks for her “exploration journals” of dyes and natural inks, that we have presented at the Papier art fair 2021. We wish her success and enjoyment during her residency. We are already excited to see the next big “pages” to come!

Galerie Bernard offers artworks from renowned artists such as:

Marcel Barbeau                             Margit Hideg
Michel Bourguignon                     Frank Imperato
Patrick Chénier                              Lucien Lisabelle
Renée-Mao Clavet                         Pierre Leblanc
Gianguido Fucito                          Jacques Palumbo
Jean Gaudreau                              Michel-Thomas Poulin
Bernard Gilbert                             Richard Roblin
Pascale Girardin                           Édouardo Rodà
Michelle Green-Echenberg

This selection of artworks is on sale, up to 30% off the original price.

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